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For those of you that have been doing our previously posted exercise routine, awesome and congratulations on doing this!

Here is your next routine that can be easily done at home. 

You will do the following exercises for 30 seconds each, and when done with last exercise, take a 2 minute break. A watch or clock with a second hand will be helpful to complete. You will complete 5 rounds of exercises. I recommend you do some form of warm up for 5 minutes, then stretch thoroughly, then start intervals.

  1. Jog in place
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Crunches
  4. Push Ups
    (modify to women’s push up, or doing push ups against wall)
  5. Lateral Bends
    (going from side to side, arms outstretched laterally, standing feet shoulder width apart)
  6. Supermans
    (laying on belly, outstretched arms and legs), take a small break during the 30 seconds)
  7. Air squats
    ( the closer you go to 90 degrees of knee flexion the harder, so only go as far down as you feel you can handle)

If 30 second intervals are too hard, do 15 second intervals, and visa versa if too easy then do 45-60 seconds intervals.

If a particular exercise is “hurting” you please avoid this one and consult with Active Family Provider at (208) 758-0560. If you become dizzy, have chest pain, or Shortness of breath , stop exercise and call us for medical direction.