Connecting Mind and Body through Yoga

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I am an adrenaline junkie. Always going full throttle through life, constantly challenging my self with high exertion activities. On my recent trip to Hawaii, my 11 year old daughter wanted to try Yoga that was taking place at 7 am in our courtyard where we were staying. So we did Yoga several times and what an awesome way to connect with your mind and with the people around you. It was so nice to slow down and do a relaxing exercise. My body, especially my low back, was so much more flexible after Yoga. Besides the increasing flexibility, there was plenty of isometric (not moving) muscle contractions. I felt so much more relaxed after the Yoga sessions. I am definitely going to start incorporating this into my exercise routine. Most gyms have Yoga, and also there are inexpensive DVDs to purchase for home use. I encourage you to give this a shot, you will not regret it.