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If you are female over the age of 50, now is the time to get screened for osteoporosis.

As women reach menopause, production of estrogen goes down, estrogen is what increases the absorption of calcium into the bone, therefore with menopause there is a decline in absorption of calcium and leads to decrease in bone density. Bone density scan are quick x-ray that measure your bone density (strength of bone), most commonly areas tested are spine, hip and forearm. A bone density test enhances the accuracy of calculating your risk of breaking bones. Men should be also screened for osteoporosis if they have risk factors such as bone fracture, hormonal issues, chronic diseases, smoker, and chronic use of certain medictions.

Overall, we want to find a decrease in bone density at the earliest time so that we can help prevent fractures. As we know hip fractures and back fractures can be devastating and even life threatening. If you are found to have a low bone density there are a lot of strategies that we can do to increase bone density and prevent fracture.

Call Active Family today, so that we can get you set up for a bone density scan and review your results with you, and be on your way to promoting good bone health!

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