Exercising can help you through the healing process.

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Injury struck close to home lately with Whitney’s leg injury. Many of you have been asking to see her x-rays, so we are including them here, but we’re also including a few notes about exercise. Many people think that when one is injured, exercising is out of the question. Exercising when you’re injured is not quite the same but it will help with the healing process.

When you are injured or post-surgical it is hard to look on the positive side. Many people struggle with feeling limited. But, once you’re released to do some form of exercise there’s nothing that will make you feel better than getting in some exercise. It may not be the exercise that you are used to pre-injury, but you’ll still get a big benefit. Exercise releases endorphins, no matter the type of exercise. The positive endorphins will improve your mood so that you can conquer the healing process.

So, with your primary care providers approval, please consider appropriate exercise during your healing process!

And, for those who are curious! Here are Whitney’s x-rays.