Hi! I’m Reese! I’m the daughter of Active Family’s DNP Robin Beard, and I’m a born and raised Idahoan. I hold a degree in biochemistry from the University of Idaho and I love exercise, the outdoors, and creative writing. I’ve finished two half-marathons and a sprint triathlon. I plan to attend medical school starting in 2021 and serve the Air Force, maybe specializing in emergency medicine.

I began volunteering as a medical assistant at Active Family Healthcare in April 2020 and plan to continue to do so throughout the summer. As I prepared to apply to medical school this year, I was searching for an opportunity to participate in patient care, and in light of the recent epidemic, it was difficult to find hiring positions. I’m already trained as an EMT, and Jen and the AFH team were quite willing to help me learn how to work in a clinical setting, broadening my knowledge by allowing me to assist with EKGs, draw blood samples, and triage patients. The environment at the clinic is incredibly helpful and supportive, and I enjoy the opportunity to interact with our patients as well.

When I’m not working as a medical scribe in the Kootenai emergency department, I’m helping out at Active Family. When possible, I scribe for our AFH providers, writing the first section of the medical chart so that the provider can talk more freely to patients. I always learn something new scribing for Jen, as she explains to me the reasons for her treatment decisions and encourages me to keep learning outside the clinic as well. I’m very grateful for the experience I’ve gained as a part of the team and always look forward to my shifts there.

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