Exercise can have a big impact on not only our physical health but our mental health, as well. Many studies have shown that regular exercise helps those with depression and anxiety. In a 2018 study in the Lancet, over 1.2 million Americans were surveyed and those who exercised regularly experienced fewer days per month of poor mental health. Exercise helps increase blood flow to the brain and increases production of BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) which helps nerve fibers grow, this can help with better thinking, memory and learning. Exercise can also increase our self-efficacy, or the trust we have in ourselves that we can handle difficult situations.

Here is a quick home workout my daughter and I did today:

This is a full body circuit. You’ll do each exercise 4 times through.

Push ups -10 reps

Single leg forward reach – 5 times each side

Glute bridge – hold for 1 minute

Goblet squat- 10 reps

Side plank – 30 second hold each side

Single arm shoulder press- 10 reps each arm

Cool down with gentle stretching.

Jana Pedersen | DNP | FNP-C – Your Primary Care Provider

Jana received her first Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Utah in Health Education and Exercise and Sport Science in 1994.  She worked as a certified personal trainer before pursuing a degree in nursing. She is accepting new patients for primary care at Active Family Healthcare.