So, you think you might have been exposed to Coronavirus and you want to get tested? How far back does that swab go anyway?

We are testing individuals who do not have illness symptoms at our office. If you have symptoms of Coronavirus such as sore throat, coughing, nasal congestion, headache, or other symptoms, we are happy to talk with you via telehealth and send a referral to the Kootenai Health testing tent.

A nasal swab collects cells and fluid from your respiratory system and involves inserting a long swab into the passageway between the nose and the back of the throat for 15 seconds and rotating it several times. The swabbing is then repeated on the other side of the nose to make sure enough material is collected. The swab is then inserted into a container and sent to the lab for testing.

Results are sent to our office in 2-5 days after which we will notify you by phone.

If you think you may have had Coronavirus in the past, we offer blood antibody testing.  This is done with a blood sample that looks for evidence of your body’s immune response to the virus. After a blood sample is collected it is sent to the lab and results are sent back to us in 2-5 days. 

We are happy to serve you in these unsettling times and hope that our services will bring you enhanced health and peace of mind.

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