Unfortunately, now I can say I’ve been on both sides of the aisle with Covid – 19. On Dec 19th I was fortunate enough to receive my first Covid – 19 vaccine (Pfizer), but 4 days later when I was not fully protected, I got exposed to Covid and came down with Covid symptoms a week after my vaccine. My only contact that week with other humans was work and trip to the grocery store, both incidences wearing a mask and using sanitizer/ hand washing repeatedly. After doing Telemed this year with dozens of Covid patients in 2020, I instantly stressed about the potential dire consequences. I think the emotional stress of Covid can certainly bring you to a dark place, worrying excessively. But fortunately, I had a “mild case”.

My symptoms included fatigue, sore throat, and cold like symptoms. It was a sudden onset for me, one minute I was fine and the next I was sick and knew it was Covid. I was fortunate to be able to get a test right away and get into quarantine promptly. My sinuses over my cheek bones and upper molars hurt, so now I know why patients have thought they have sinus infections. Of course, it’s viral so antibiotics are not useful. Surprisingly, I never had a cough or fever. This is where I think lies a big issue with persons spreading virus around the community because they feel they have a cold when in actuality it Is very likely Covid. I was sick for an entire week, so the 10-day quarantine is very appropriate. I was especially fortunate to get Covid while I was on “vacation” so I did not expose any patients or co-workers. I am taking a rain-check on vacation and will be back to work this week. (1/4/21).

These are the meds/supplements I used daily during and post Covid: Multi-vitamin, Zinc 50 mg daily, D3 10.000 IU, Vitamin C 500 mg, and baby ASA. I also drank 12 oz of an electrolyte drink daily, I prefer good old Gatorade. Most of you know that I am addicted to exercise, but I specifically held off on exercise for 1 week to give my body all it needed to fight the infection. I did take my dogs on short walks and the fresh air was refreshing. My second Covid vaccine was scheduled for Jan 6th , but I plan on holding off on this now and try to get this second dose in 2 months or so. I believe the vaccine may provide longer protection and that is why I am planning on getting second dose still.

As far as the vaccine goes I. of course, feel it is very safe, otherwise I would not have gotten it myself. My family members have gotten it also because they are first responders. Its protection data is compelling if you can get both doses in. The ingredient list is small for the vaccine and it does not include egg or mercury. After my first vaccine I had some fatigue and felt colder than normal for 12 hr and then completely resolved. My arm was sore for 2 days similar to getting a
tetanus shot.

Reflecting on all, hands down, I would get vaccine over Covid – 19 illness any day. It took me out of commission for 10 days and I felt rotten for an entire week. I am someone who rarely gets sick and typical colds don’t stop me in my tracks. The worry of getting “Long Hauler” symptoms is very scary to me. As a provider I am now dealing with patients that have chronic problems after covid and trying to navigate this is difficult because providers don’t have experience with this. Their chronic issues include headaches, fatigue, GI issues, brain fog, and neurological issues such as tremor and ataxia. Hopefully in the very near future everyone will have access to the vaccine.

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