Every Thursday this month, we will be featuring women in our community who inspire Jen with a little Q & A. First up is Sheree Sheree DiBiase, owner at Lake City Physical Therapy.

1. When did you open Lake City PT?

Sheree: “I opened my first clinic in CDA in 1992.
I had two clinics in CA then as well and was still an Adjunct Professor at Loma Linda University School of Physical Therapy, taught Kinesiology, Gait Training and Neck and Back Evaluation. I taught there for 7 years. I opened by first clinic in 1987, graduated from PT school at Loma Linda University in 1984. I have 5 clinics now in our region- Hayden Post Falls CDA Spokane Valley and Rathdrum and will be opening row more in the next year.”

2. Have you faced any challenges as a women in the Physical Therapy field?

Sheree: “There were no women mentors at that time in the PT world and there were no business classes in PT school. This of course was was my biggest challenge as I had no one, that was a woman to show me that it was ok to develop my own style. I learned over time to run my business in a different way, with a sensitivity to my staffs needs, to help balance their professional and family life goals. I am forever grateful to my husband, my Professor mentor Bob, and my Dad and now to my son Cody, Kyle and Cole for their constant support as I continue to develop my professional and business skill sets.”

3. What’s your favorite aspect of being a small business owner in CDA?

Sheree: “The best part of being an entrepreneur, a professional PT and business owner in this community
has been the genuine relationships I have made over the last 29 years here. I
have a diverse network of professionals and patients that fill my life with a richness that is deeply satisfying and I hope to continue to mentor the next generation of women in PT and business here”

4. What has changed the most in the past year with your profession?

Sheree: “During this past year our team developed a program with a new footprint for women’s health, to revolutionize access for women and men to have better healthcare. Women make 80-90% of all healthcare decisions for their family.
We are hoping to roll it out this year to make sure people have education, understanding and direct support to make a significant difference for them and their families.”

5. What other women inspire you locally?

Sheree: “Awww such a great question. Women entrepreneurs are my passion, and I love to connect with them to hear their dreams and ideas, so when Latisha Taylor, a local women, in the medical educational space, who now lives in San Francisco brought “WED Women’s Entrepreneur Day” night here a few years ago reached out to me to be on the core team i was thrilled. I loved it as I got to meet and network with so many amazing women.
I really have appreciated all the women I met locally through this program. Jennifer Fletcher FNP and Erin Elliott DDS and I were on the first medical panel and I realized right then how important it was to be in relationship with so many talented women. Rose Backs, auctioneer Angela Austin Reed Real Estate, Mikki Stevens Red Hot Mommas, Miranda Hamilton Insurance to name a few. This is my goal to help the next generation of women in our community excel at their dreams, passion and natural gifting.

Our assembled team of entrepreneurs provides consulting services for women and men in small business, from startups to business development progression.
Please contact us at schneidermedia.co for consult.”

Active Family Healthcare has a great relationship with Lake City Physical Therapy. Jen Fletcher puts her trust in Sheree and her team for PT referrals with her Coeur d’Alene and surrounding area Primary Care patients.