For National Nutrition Month, we are bringing you a simple exercise every week!

In this video you will find 4 beginner core exercises focusing on core stability, transverse abdominals and breathing. These exercises are great if you don’t have much time and can be done by almost anyone!

  • Exercise 1: Bird Dogs (pull core to spine, keep back flat)
  • Exercise 2: Core Knee Hover (pull core to spine each time you lift knees off the ground)
  • Exercise 3: Air Squat with Chair tap (Pull core to spine, chest tall, tap chair and stand back up)
  • Exercise 4: Standing Core Leg Lifts (pull core to spine with each repetition)

*Work your way to 4 rounds of 20 repetitions! The below video shows each exercise.

Tara LeBaron Jenkins runs the Health Refresh Program at Active Family Healthcare. Active Family Healthcare has been voted one of Coeur d’Alene Idaho’s top Primary Care and Family Medicine Clinics. Active Family Healthcare focuses on caring, compassionate medical care with a holistic approach that incorporates diet and nutrition.