This week we are featuring Jenny McMeekan of Smart Start Learning Academy. Jenny in inspiring because she noticed a need in our community for full time learning based childcare for pre-K kids in our area that was secular and worked to fill that need! Smart Start Learning Academy has served hundreds of kids ages 2 – Kindergarten to prepare them for school. Here’s a little more about Jenny:

1. When did you open Smart Start?

Jenny: We have been open for 7 years and really enjoyed serving the CDA community.

2. What’s been the biggest challenge of being a female business owner in CDA?

Jenny: Unlike some of the interviewees, there is probably a benefit to being a female owner of a preschool in Coeur d’Alene.  I think parents and students trust me and hopefully value my opinion as far as their child’s education, behavior, and safety is concerned.  

3. What’s your favorite aspect of being a business owner?

Jenny: As a business owner, I like creating the environment and developing the procedures for our school.  It is rewarding to have a vision and slowly see it come to life. It is so gratifying to have a strong staff and caring parents become a part of your life. We have created a supportive and caring place for kids and families. 

4. What do you love most about the local small business community?

Jenny: I love that  we have created a referral system with a few small preschools/kindergartens in the area. We often refer students to a very select group of preschools if their children are too young, or if we are full.  I have done my research and only refer to preschools/kindergartens I would trust my children to enroll into. 

We are so lucky to have Jenny in our community and Smart Start as an option for our kids. Learn more about Smart Start Learning Academy here.