For our final feature in our month long series on inspiring women in the Coeur d’Alene wellness and small business community, we are featuring Monica Lang of the well•ness bar and North Idaho Wellness Magazine. We love having Monica in the community and enjoying both of her wellness focused businesses.

  1. When did you open the Well•ness Bar and when did you start North Idaho Wellness Magazine?

Monica: I opened the well•ness bar in July of 2014 after launching North Idaho Wellness Magazine in January of 2013. We now have 3 well•ness bars and a well•ness bar food truck! Along with hosting the largest wellness fairs in our area! The magazine relaunched a year ago and has been growing steadily ever since!

2. What’s been the biggest challenge of being a female business owner in CDA?

Monica: I definitely think finding a balance with “all the things” is a huge challenge. Being a wife, a mom and a multi-business owner can be tricky. You want to give 100% to all the things while also maintaining each area’s integrity and not forgetting to prioritize myself in the process!

3. What’s your favorite aspect of being a business owner?

Monica: I love the creative process. I can always see the big picture and I love to see it develop! I am proud to lead an amazing team and help create an inspiring space for the community to gather and learn. 

4. What do you love about the local wellness community?

Monica: I have been in the wellness and fitness community for 10+ years now and I love the growth I have seen over the decade.

It’s truly inspiring to watch this community support and root for each other.

The team at Active Family Healthcare loves reading up on the latest wellness information in North Idaho Wellness Magazine, as well as contributing pieces to Monica’s publications. We’re also very thankful to have the well•ness bar’s healthy, fruit and vegetable forward offerings available to our Coeur d’Alene community. As a primary care clinic that focuses on the whole patient, we love being able to suggest healthy lunch options for our clients on the go!