Hi! I am Megan Reed, FNP-BC. I have been in healthcare for the last 15 years either as a registered nurse or nurse practitioner.  My journey with healthcare started when I was a child. My mom was an ER nurse and I can remember going to visit her at work or hear her stories about caring for people and being intrigued and inspired. My nursing career fate was sealed after my father was diagnosed with lung cancer while I was in high school. I can recall seeing excellent nursing care and poor nursing care during his experience and from there I vowed to be the exceptional one. 

I started working as an ICU nurse after nursing school and then branched out to teaching nursing students at a local junior college. I realized I loved teaching and decided to pursue my masters degree with the idea of going into teaching full time. Once I started my clinicals for my master program for a family nurse practitioner I realized this was the career for me. I could teach patients about their disease process, be their coach and support for life’s tough spots as well as encourage them to continue on their journey being healthy and happy. Since becoming a full-time nurse practitioner I have not looked back. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my patients and being their partner in their healthcare. I believe in self choice in health and life and help to educate people based on this philosophy.