By Jen Fletcher, FNP 

One rainy day in Brevard, NC on a mountain bike vacation, I was getting ready for a group ride and waiting for everyone to assemble.  I thought I would twirl around the gravel parking lot to warm up a bit.  I was checking out a tight section of the parking lot and started my turn to get back to group.  Somehow my front tire got jammed and my handlebars and frame intersected into each other which stopped my forward motion. Mind you only going about 1 mph.  This caused me to capsize backwards landing on my back and whiplashing my head/helmet into the ground.  I was instantly stunned and concerned that I may have caused some serious damage.  I laid on ground and did a quick mental and physical survey and realized that I thought I was fine. The loud crack of the helmet hitting the rocks kept me concerned that there was no way I could be completely fine, not even a headache! 

For those of you that don’t know me well I don’t skimp on equipment, especially safety kind for activities/exercise. That day I had on a Specialized Ambush Helmet with MIPS.  MIPS provides extra protection against head injury and concussions. I am so grateful that I was wearing a perfectly fitting helmet because I know it saved my head.  After the incident I removed the helmet, there was a dent on the outside hard shell and the inside hard foam was cracked.  It completely did its job and I am extremely grateful for that.  (See pictures and pointed out crack).  Once you damage a helmet it is no longer protective, and you should replace it. Whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, going out on stroll with your kids or conquering an epic trail, be sure to wear a helmet.  Even if you’re going 1 mph, mishaps happen, and it can cause serious trauma.  Before you buy a helmet make sure to measure your head accurately or have your local bike shop fit a helmet appropriately.  If you have any questions you are welcome to message us through social media or email us at: admin@activefamilyhealthcare.com