3 Nutrition tips for the busy and wonderful mother that you are!

1.      Keep a water bottle with you AT ALL TIMES. It may seem silly but you MUST find a water bottle that motivates you to drink water. The USDA recommends women drink about 11 cups (2.7 liters) of water daily.

2.      Make sure YOU are eating! Less is NOT always more. Make it a priority to sit down with your children as many meals a day as you can and use the time to enjoy each other’s company. Provide your body the nutrients it needs to sustain motherhood with pride. 

3.      Sometimes it seems overwhelming to think about food/diet/nutrition, especially when you want to make a change, my advice is to start small. For example, start with reducing the amount of soda you drink in a day by 25% then 50% and so on. “All or nothing” doesn’t usually provide lasting results. Give yourself grace and do your best, but always be working toward a goal. 

Tara LeBaron Jenkins runs the Health Refresh program at Active Family Healthcare. Health Refresh is an exciting new program offering extensive transformation tools to aid in revitalizing your health. Our expert medical team will guide you through the entire journey and help you meet your health goals.