Ethan Harrison is a local athlete who competes in Winter Ultra Endurance bike events. We were able to help him with IV infusions last winter and were so excited to see him complete his races. Heres a little of his story in his words:

“Hello, my name is Ethan Harrison and I’d like to share my story about competing in 2 different Winter Ultra Endurance events on my fat tire bike and my experience using the IV Vitamin Infusion treatments that Active Family Healthcare offers to keep my body healthy while I train and race in extreme winter weather.  In January 2022 I competed in a race called the Fat Pursuit which is a 200km race across the greater Yellowstone area starting and finishing in Island Park, Idaho. This is a very popular event and is considered a qualifying event for some of the more extreme winter ultra events such as the Iditarod Trail Invitational which is another event I competed in this year.

Winter ultra events can be very taxing on your body, not only while competing in the event but in the training building up to the race such as long days on the bike and training in adverse weather to try and become as comfortable as you can exercising in extreme weather conditions. So I worked with Active Family Healthcare and used 2 different versions on their IV Vitamin Infusions. The first one I took was called the “Myers Cocktail” with Glutathione. I took this 2 weeks before the Fat Pursuit to make sure my body was as strong as it could be before the event. Receiving the treatment is very simple and was not uncomfortable at all for me. I had a great experience with it and went in to the race feeling strong, although I often get sinus infections from racing and training in extreme weather and actually started the race with a sinus infection. I figured I would have to take antibiotics to get over it which is usually what happens. However, I took my 2nd “Myers Cocktail” with Glutatione infusion shortly after getting back from the race and my sinus infection quickly went away on its own without the use of antibiotics. This was a huge confidence booster and proof of the value of the vitamin infusions.

A month later in February I was headed to Alaska for a race called the Iditarod Train Invitational, or “ITI”. This race is a human powered version of the famous “Iditarod” dog sled race and leaves just a week before the dog sled race. This race is invitation only and has 2 lengths; 350 miles finishing in McGrath, or 1,000 miles finishing in Nome. It is touted as being one of the most challenging experiences on the planet and has built its reputation on notoriously inhospitable conditions and minimal outside support. I took the Vitamin Infusion with the NAD Booster a couple weeks before the race and again it was a simple visit to the office with zero side effects. I truly believe that the infusion greatly helped my body endure the extremely long days and extreme effort as I raced my fully loaded 70+ pound fat bike across 350 miles of the Alaskan wilderness in the dead of winter, finishing in just 4 days 18hrs and burning over 25,000 calories according to my Garmin computer. My body was understandably beat up but within a week I was feeling strong and healthy again. I have raced bicycles in various disciplines for many years and am truly amazed at how my body responded to these Vitamin IV Infusions and plan to continue taking them in the future.

Thanks Active Family Healthcare for all your help and support!

Active Family Healthcare offers of a variety of IV vitamin infusions in their comfortable, professional Coeur d’Alene location. You can follow Ethan’s athletic endeavors on Instagram @papa_e_bike_adventures