BY: Megan Reed

As we are now in the long dark winter of Northern Idaho our loss of long sunlight hours can directly affect our vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that we get from a few foods, supplementation and from the sun. Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption which aids in stronger bones, and muscle support. Vitamin D is also great in helping reduce inflammation, support immune health, improve depression and may help decrease mortality in cancer. 

Vitamin D supplementation is a great way to improve our level to ensure optimal health. VItamin D injections are an amazing way to boost our levels! This will help boost your levels more quickly without having to take a pill everyday and studies show vitamin D injections help sustain levels for longer in the body. We start with checking levels to ensure we optimize vitamin D dosing and then base your injection dose on those results. 

Even if you are a person who is outside constantly in the summer it can still be difficult to get sufficient vitamin D levels naturally. According to the Endocrine Society vitamin D levels of at least 50 nmol/L are required for vitamin D to have a sufficient effect on bone, muscle and immune function, with levels around 75 being ideal. 

So make an appointment today to discuss the possibility of starting vitamin D optimization especially during our North Idaho winter. We do start with labs to get a baseline of your vitamin D level and to customize a treatment regimen for you!