We treat you like our family and we love to see you succeed!


At Active Family, we strive to provide the best care to each patient every day.  We treat your family like our family.  Your health is part of your life journey and your stories are what make up our story.  On this page, we’ve included some of what our patients have to say about us and how we were part of their story.


We have been with Jennifer Fletcher for 6 years and followed her to AFH. She and Jessica are caring, respectful practitioners. Jen did and  continues to go above and beyond what previous Doctors did. She helped me when my back went out and sent me to the correct spine doctor to get me back on my feet. As well as seen and helped our 3 kids when they have been sick or injured. Jennifer has also encouraged and guided my husband, Chris, to stop chewing tobacco. He has been chewing for 25 years. He had a scare on his tonsils which Jen caught and sent him to a specialist, but it wasn’t cancer. With Jen’s encouragement to quit, he hasn’t started back. Amazing staff, all are polite and kind. I have sent many people to AFH and will keep doing so!

Chris Gordon Family

Coeur d'Alene

I’ve been working with Jennifer for 18 years. As a healthcare professional I understand the importance of having a dedicated primary care provider that is there for your family when you need them. When my children were younger we saw a pediatrician but I soon realized it made more sense for my entire family to see someone that knows us, knows our family, medical history, and has the personal caring touch to care for my parents ,sisters, brothers, and my husband and children. The practice has same-day appointments and availability so you don’t have to go to urgent care and see a provider that knows nothing about your medical history or have your children in an unfamiliar environment when they aren’t feeling well. I also love that Active Healthcare promotes prevention, exercise and good nutrition. Jen talks to my kids about helmet safety, wearing their seat belts and reinforces healthy habits. Thanks Jen for taking such great care of our family!

Heidi Frazier

Post Falls

Where do I begin? About 5 years ago, I was at a point of not knowing if I’d make it through the next night. At the clinic, I met Jennifer and because of her persistence in finding the problem, she basically saved my life. After that the major heart center ran every test they had and turned me out their door, undiagnosed. Most medical professionals today are more interested in prescribing drugs to treat symptoms than finding the root problems. Amazing, you take care of the cause, the symptoms go away and don’t return. Being an older retried, single man, I don’t have a better half to keep in line. So, Jen has kind of taken on that job. In November I came in for a checkup as I was hacking up blood and very short of breath. After a couple tests, she informed me I was headed to the ER no ifs ands or buts and wasn’t driving myself. With pneumonia and blood clots in my lungs and pressure on my heart, I was told by Jen I must have 9 lives, but with the abandon with which I’ve lived. I probably don’t have many left. Twice in 4 years she saved me. So if you’re looking for a no nonsense healthcare team, I highly recommend Active Family Healthcare. 

Jim Bos


This is a beautiful practice with a heart for people and genuine wellness. 
Such a breath of fresh air in a world where healthcare has become a business and medicine purely science rather than care and connection.
I highly recommend Active Family Healthcare with total confidence.

Noelle Rene Flaherty

Jennifer has been our medical provider for about 7 years. There are many things we like about her beginning with her “down to earth” nature and the fact that she listens to us even if she might not agree.

Our first encounter with this was when I told her that for years other doctors said nothing was wrong with my thyroid but I knew something wasn’t right. I’m pretty sure she rolled her eyes (just kidding) but she sat me down and examined my neck and said she felt a lump. She had me referred to a specialist right away. No other doctor found that!

Tony had an injured arm over a weekend and went to an urgent care facility where they said nothing was wrong. His arm didn’t improve and looked “off”. When he finally called Jennifer, she saw him and determined that he had a detached bicep. The surgeon commented that if Jennifer hadn’t caught it when she did, it would have been too late to correct.

The Wilmes Family

Hayden Lake